Bimonthly goals for Nov-Dec 2017

So I've previously set myself goals in seasonal sets... Or given myself one goal a month for the next six months and then gone and done them all in a week... So for the end of this year, and onwards I'll be doing bimonthly goals with success being defined as completing 75% of them. This was suggested by Kristen Martin on youtube, check out her videos they're really inspirational :)

 Appropriate motivation.

Appropriate motivation.

November to December 2017 Goals:

  • Reach at least 80K words in my Therian Steel manuscript by the end of November.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2017.
  • Contact beta readers and set up feedback management. 
  • Contact editor with update and date for submission.
  • Take on beta reader feedback.
  • Submit to editor for manuscript assessment.
  • Research legal businessy stuff.
  • Contact cover designer after editor feedback comes back.
  • Finish at least one outline for my two novellas.
  • Sort out social media plan.

So in order to count as a 'win' I need to have completely 7 out of these 10 goals for the next two months. Let's see how I go!

At the moment I feel really confident about my manuscript and winning NaNoWriMo. I'll be contacting my editor tomorrow and organising when to submit it for assessment after taking on Beta Reader feedback. Beta Readers will be contacted mid-November checking if they're fine with using Word commenting. I'll take on their feedback and hopefully submit the novel at the latest mid-December. Depending on how they assessment goes, I'll then buy the ISBNs and contact the cover designer (or after the round of professional edits).

Now. The standalone novels. I am wanting to write some books for newsletter engagement as I want to focus on that rather than social media (gonna keep that stress free...) I have two stories that I've started and submitted for feedback for class. They're the starts of novels and since they're not complete I'm not going to upset anyone if I publish them. My issue is that they're both Urban Fantasy while I'm writing High Fantasy but I figure that they're both Fantasy soo, yeah? I'm wanting to write within the speculative genre. At the moment focusing on Fantasy but I have a few other stories in other genres up my sleeve... But that's for the future. Right now I'm going to see how the next two months go in preparation for 2018!

Uhhh, quick note about blog posts: I'll be focusing on documenting my journey as an indie author here on my blog. Newsletter content will be tailored more exclusively to updates and other things.

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