New year and new goals!

It's that time of year where people make goals and even if the odds are against me, I'm still gonna make 'em!


This post originally was meant to be posted last week, but some big changes occurred. 

I am not publishing anything this year.

I'm currently working on the revision map for Therian Steel. It's so good to be back working on this story. The month break was probably the maximum amount that I could wait. I was itching a bit too much. Considering that the draft I had given beta readers was a first draft, I am happy to have a bit more direction as to what I'll be fixing up rather than running around in circles. 

Instead, I'm setting myself up for 2019 success.

By the end of this year I want to have all three of the Therian Trilogy books ready (I can hit publish) as well as at least one other that I can publish. So four novels. Here's how I'm going to break it all down:

  • January - March: focus on Therian Steel, make notes for TS2 (potentially an outline).
  • April - June: Camp nano in April, write TS2 and makes notes for TS3 (potentially an outline).
  • July - September: write TS3 in July Camp nano, tidy up and return to Arcana or BFT outline.
  • October - December: write BFT or Arcana for Nanowrimo and tidy up a bit.

While this is going on, I can work on outlines as a break from writing or editing if need be.

Now for my January goals!

  • Post something on social media, platform related, every day.
  • Finish outlining Arcana book one.
  • Brainstorm WC book one.
  • Finish revision map for Therian Steel.
  • Edit a quarter of Therian Steel.
  • Double check editor situation.
  • Read the core Chronicles of Darkness book.
  • Read at least one of my physical books...
  • Actually take the week off when I'm up north, allowed to read things though.
  • Do something healthy every day.

As per usual, I need to get 7 out of 10 of these goals done to count as a success. I've set my reading goal to be 200 books this year, I feel that I can make it... While I have put some outlines down I'm thinking that I'll probably do them during breaks between writing and editing. For the rest of the year, these goal posts will be monthly.

As of the first week of January, I will have spent a year playing World of Darkness table-top role-play games. It's been such an adventure. I ran a one-shot in the middle of the year but I'm going to run a mortal game that I might do updates on here. Aha. Until next time! 

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